We provide a planning, building and procurement advice service in relation to a property you are considering buying. 
We offer 3 options:

Option 1       Free 1 hour consultation at our offices based on Estate Agent's                                   particulars.
Option 2      1 hour consultation at our offices plus visit to the property  ( within a 2                         mile radius of Marlow town centre) and verbal guidance.
Option 3      1 hour consultation plus visit to the property ( within a 2 mile radius of                         Marlow town centre), verbal guidance plus follow up review document                       to include:

                     - Location Map
                     - Planning History
                     - Planning Policy & Constraints
                     - Property Photographs
                     - Sketches
                     - Likely Build Costs
                     - Risk Items
                     - Conclusion

 Please call us for more information.

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